Friday, August 7, 2009

Penny walking!

Goooo Penny! 10 months old... doing her thing and getting her walk on! :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Penny watching the Backyardigans

YAY! It Loaded! Here is Penny Loving her new favorite show, The Backyardigans. love the scrunchie face she gives me when she sees the camera ;)

Almost 11 months

Yay! An Update! :)

Ok, I know I suck for not posting something for a few months... but things have been busy.

My mother in law had a stroke ;( She is doing ok now, getting better slowly but it was a huge blow to the whole family.

Penny finally got a couple of teeth! :) Only took her 10 months! :) She is working on another 3-4 right now, so soon she will be ready to take on some corn on the cob.

The twins are talking much more now, which is a huge relief to me. Mason loves to walk around saying... "Hi Mom" to everyone, not just me :) Then if I hand him something he will say, about 10 times, "Ti-you Mom" (Thank You Mom) it is very cute.

Everett is getting ready to go to school! I can't believe it! my baby... hhaaaa. But he has been working on his letters and numbers and is really ready to head to school and show the teacher his skills ;)

Parker is heading to Jr. High! Although in her head she has been there for many years now! LOL. She tried out and made the comp soccer league, so she is going to start that in a few weeks also. She would like to try out for the school soccer team too... so she is going to be one 'in shape' chick with all of that running! :)

Dallas is going to be a big time SENIOR this year! Wow! Class of 2010! Crazy! Let's all cross our fingers that we can make it through this year without any major bumps or buises.

Here are some pictures and some videos for you to check out ;)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Mason's version of dancing :)

It is more of a march... but nevertheless, he gets the job done with this... :)

Everett Dancing

Evy's turn to bust a move :)

Quick Update

Well, it has been a month and I really need to get better at updating this site. :)

Everyone is doing well at our house, and we are just working towards Summer Vacation! for the kids! They are especially happy about that.

We have soccer, football, talent shows, church functions, family functions, birthdays... it will be and has been a busy time for our family!

See attached videos of the boys dancing for some smiles :)

I promise to update more later.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well, it has been a crazy few weeks. I took Henlee in for her 6 month check up... about a month and a half ago... and mentioned that her urine had a different smell to it. That led to a urine culture and come to find out she had a UTI.

Later that week, we found out that it was due to E Coli! :( So thinking that it was a wiping issue, we treated it and paid it no mind. The doctor wanted us to have another series of tests done at the hospital though. So we did them... an ultrasound and then a test to see if she was refluxing urine up to her kidneys. Thinking everything was going to turn out negative.

Nope... she is refluxing urine up to her kidneys. She will have to stay on antibiotics for the next 6 months, testing every so often for more infections.

She is such a sweet and happy baby that if I didn't mention the change in smell, we would have never known. No fever, no fussiness... just sweet spirited Penny :)